New faculty

New faculty!  Please join us in welcoming Ryan Price to our community at A Step Ahead.

Ryan’s backgroundnew faculty

With a BA in Philosophy and a Master’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, Ryan is well qualified to work with our middle school and high school students in all subjects.  Ryan specializes in math, chemistry, biology, and SAT/ACT test preparation.

Key point:  Ryan achieved a perfect score on the ACT.  Way to go, Ryan! And he is passionate about helping students achieve their best on these important standardized tests.

Teaching philosophy

Ryan’s enthusiasm about teaching is clean when you hear his thoughts on the subject.  “Students can rapidly be left behind in STEM classes,” Ryan indicates. “Most topics there are cumulative, meaning that the fundamentals must be mastered before understanding more advanced concepts. However, due to the restrictions of school scheduling, the class must keep moving regardless of whether each student grasps the material.”

Ryan sees his role as filling in the gaps and guiding students to make new connections to the material. “Though often taught as isolated units, both math and science are topics that are best understood as an interconnected worldview,” Ryan adds. “I try to impart glimpses of that worldview to my students, building both competence and, hopefully, a sense of wonder that will keep them engaged in the material.”

What about outside of teaching?

new facultyParents, take heart:  In addition to his impressive academic achievements, Ryan was an “obsessive” Guitar Hero player as a teen, and now he actually plays guitar!  His favorite book? Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R. Hofstadter.

A final note:  Ryan likes to change his look every few months.  These pictures are current as of September 2018, but who knows what style will be next?

We are proud of welcome this newest member of our exceptional faculty. Welcome, Ryan!

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