Back to school! Are you ready?

Back to school time is here again.  Yikes, already?!?

Yes, we feel the same way.  Back to school time is here just as we were really enjoying our summer.  For our family, we’re trying to find that middle path, holding on to some last wonderful days of summer, while also focusing on a good start to a successful school year. Some days are just for relaxation.  But other days are for getting ready.  We have the new jeans and t-shirts and are shopping this week for school supplies.  And there is a bit of summer reading still going on…..same with you?

Wrapping up the summer

Our big news is that we were not able to make our three-generation dream trip to Alaska.  A very big disappointment, and not only for us. Our cruise was on a new ship, the Quest with National Geographic.  Shortly before our cruise, we learned that the ship had been damaged in transit from the shipbuilder’s facility to the water, and it could not be repaired in time for our vacation.  Sadly, this meant that we missed out on a ‘bucket list’ trip.  We know that many others were also affected, and we’d also like to say that both National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions did as well as they could have done in helping us re-book our travel arrangements.

We ended up with a lovely week in the San Juan Islands in the Puget Sound outside Seattle.  A magical place to go, seemingly far away but at the same time very accessible.  We didn’t get the news of our changed plans in time to read relevant books for this destination, but we did finish reading the books our boys were assigned for the summer.

back to schoolReading for back to school!

For our rising 10th grader, we read A Separate Peace, The Screwtape Letters, and Night.  All worthy reads, though Night may stay with us the longest.  Be aware that this moving story of one person’s experience in a Nazi concentration camp is graphically honest.  But for older teens who are ready to understand our world’s relatively recent past, this is a moving story.

With our rising 8th grader, we read The House of the Scorpion.  A dystopian novel, it seemed to us to be two stories in one.  The first reaches its logical climax, and then off you go on another adventure, completely different from the first.  Eventually, it does return to the beginning, in a new way.  This book is for teens who love imagining what life would be like, if.

Back to schoolprivate tutoring

And now it’s August and time to think about going back to school.  And back to tutoring, also!  At A Step Ahead, our fall tutoring sessions begin on Tuesday, September 5.  This timing enables parents to focus with their students on one thing at a time.  First, find out this year’s schedule, teachers, courses, and timing.  Second, get through those first few busy days in the new routine.  Third, begin tutoring so your students start the year off strong!

Fall registration

Back to school also means that fall registration for private tutoring is underway.

private tutoring

Mrs. Mendenhall loves tutoring our students!

At A Step Ahead, we offer private tutoring for students in pre-kindergarten through high school in all core subject areas.

Bill Tessien, Executive Director, will listen to your needs and match your student with one of our exceptional private tutors.  In this picture, Mrs. Mendenhall works with a middle school student on writing.

If you are interested in learning more about how a private tutor can help your student succeed, contact us today!


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