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Reading Intervention

  • ID: 150

The goal of this program is to create confident, inspired readers through a systematic approach…

  • Level Pre-K - 6th grade
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  • ID: 149

Pre-algebra aims to build basic skills to prepare students for algebraic reasoning. Students will focus…

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  • ID: 148

Algebra will emphasize logical, step-by-step reasoning to find an unknown value. Students will learn to…

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  • ID: 78

Geometry focuses on understanding patterns in shapes and the relationships of side lengths and angle…

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Introduction to Shakespeare

  • ID: 64

This course is designed to help Shakespeare “rookies” stick their toes in the Shakespearean water….

  • Level Grades 5 & up
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Reading Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

  • ID: 788

Students will read and discuss Romeo and Juliet. First giving attention to Shakespeare’s use of…

  • Level Grades 8 & up
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The Classic Novel (Grades 4-6)

  • ID: 63

This course introduces young readers to the narrative, vocabulary and style found in classic literature….

  • Level Grades 4-6
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The Classic Novel (Grades 7-9)

  • ID: 62

This course will focus on the narrative, vocabulary and style found in classic literature. At…

  • Level Grades 7-9
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The Classic Novel (Grades 10-12)

  • ID: 787

This is a college-prep level class. As in the literature class designed for elementary and…

  • Level Grades 10-12
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