Books for moms. And daughters!

Books for moms.  Yes, we know that we are a tutoring center, and our primary focus is finding and reviewing books for children and teens.  But friends gave this book to Cynthia, and we thought it was worth sharing.

Books for moms and daughters and women of all ages

books for momsCynthia’s friends introduced her to Cleo Wade, author of Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life.  This little jewel is the kind of book that asks you not to hurry through it, or even read it from front to back.  This jewel invites you to pick it up at any moment, when you only have a moment, and open it to any page.  Poetry, essays, words from the heart, hand-drawn pictures all await.

Wade’s insights and life lessons are moving and inspiring and belie her relatively young age.  It feels like….wisdom.  The kind that starts with mindfulness and positive self-talk.  The kind that works for every mom, every daughter, every woman.

To be candid, some online reviewers panned the book as too simplistic, or written for a younger audience.  I understand their perspective, but I think a key part of Wade’s beauty is that she uses simple language to speak simply to her readers.  She is not trying to make a point with flowery, ornate language (as in the recent fantasy novel reviewed in an earlier post).  She is trying to create listening by first creating space to listen.


Hearts break.  That’s how the magic gets in.

books for moms


This book is the pause, the sip, the moment that can refresh your spirit and change your day.  Buy it in the old-fashioned paper version, and keep it somewhere close by.

Better yet, buy two, and give one away.

You’ll be glad you did.


You want to find love? Lose your fear.

You want to stay in love? Lose your ego.

Happy Mothers’ Day all year long!


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