Community Day celebrations, birthdays, and more!

Community Day is a great outing for some quality family time!


A Step Ahead at Community Day


Community Day

Join A Step Ahead at Clemmons Community Day on May 6!

The Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce sponsors this family-friendly event. Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 6, from 10am to 3pm, at the Jerry Long YMCA. Rain or shine!


Bill and Cynthia Tessien will be at the tent for A Step Ahead all day. In addition, several of our cherished private tutors will be there during the event.


We will have games and prizes and lots of fun. Make plans to stop by and say hello!


We’ll post pictures to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and we’ll draw random posts from the community for prizes too!




A Step Ahead turns 11 in May!

Come to our birthday Open House!


In 2006, Dr. Cathleen Killeen-Pittman changed all of our lives forever. She founded A Step Ahead to be different. She founded A Step Ahead with important key beliefs about children, about learning, and about what teaching looks like at its best. Her beliefs remain the foundation of the caring community we are today:


  • We believe in the art of teaching and the love of learning.
  • We believe in creating lifelong, inspired learners.
  • We believe in building confidence in conjunction with competence.
  • We believe in our ‘culture of caring’, and that effective tutoring is student-centric.
  • We believe in teaching outside of the box to meet our students’ needs rather than demanding our students to conform to our teaching styles.
  • We believe that our words are powerful. We know that the way children are spoken to can become their inner voice.


Our Motto: Work Hard Be Kind

Our words are powerful.

Celebrate with us on Monday and Tuesday, May 15 and 16, as A Step Ahead turns 11.

Bill and Cynthia will be onsite with snacks and games and fun for the entire family. We would love to see you there!

It’s an Open House, so bring a friend and join us!

Discover another new book to read with your children

Another of this year’s award-winning books is third in a series of graphic novels for teens and young adults. But why read just the third? We read all three. And we are moved beyond expectation.

March Trilogy

The March Trilogy, by John Lewis and Andrew Aydin, with Nate Powell


The March trilogy brings to life the often-heard phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” We didn’t count how many pictures Nate Powell used in this story of Congressman John Lewis and the civil rights movement.


But we can say that delivering this story as a series of graphic novels made already-known facts come alive with an emotional intensity we had not previously experienced.


Also impactful to us (old folks that we are) is that many of the critical events happened during our lifetimes. We were in the crib and on the swing set, granted, but there is still something compelling about seeing these events and these emotions, not just reading them. What hits home for us is how much transformation has happened during our lifetimes. We need more, to be sure, in so many areas.

But we’re touched anew by the courage and dedication demonstrated by Lewis, other leaders, and ordinary citizens who stood up to wrong and demanded justice.

One final note about this extraordinary trilogy. As chance would have it, we bought this on our Kindle app, so we read it in e-book format, not on the printed page. If you decide to read this book, we strongly recommend that you do the same. You may love the feel of a paper book in your hands, as we do. But in this situation, the Kindle app has an option that lets you read these graphic novels one frame at a time. We think that cadence helped us appreciate the emotion of each step in the story. No skimming through this one!


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. (Margaret Mead)

We hope to see you at Community Day!

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