Family Fun with Board Games

Is your family ready for some quality time together? If you’re looking for indoor activities that are both fun and educational, consider board games. Whether you are trying to get your kids unplugged or are sharing quality time on a snow day, board games are a great way to spend time together.

Here are some family favorites:

board gamesRummikub® (ages 8 to adult) – Similar to gin rummy, this game involves grouping tiles by color, number or sequence. The game gets fun when you build on each other’s hands and start rearranging the tiles so you get rid of all of yours.

Scattergories® (ages 10 and up) – This entertaining game requires thinking of people, places and things that start with a certain letter and fit in a category. The player that comes up with the most answers win. The more creative the answers, the more laughs.

Connect Four® (ages 6 and up) – Every family should own this game. It’s quick, strategic and great for all ages. As the name suggests, the object is to get four of your pieces in a row before your opponent.

Scrabble® (ages 8 and up) – You’ll need a dictionary handy, because it’s not always easy to make words with the seven letters in your hand. When the words start to connect, the fun begins. If regular Scrabble is too challenging, you can play in teams. Junior Scrabble is also available for ages 5 to 8.

FunglishTM (ages 10 and up) – In this word game, players describe a person, place or thing using the descriptive tiles provided. The tiles are then placed in the following categories: “definitely,” “kind of” or “not.” Players will have to think hard to get the right answer.

Dominoes (ages 6 and up) – The Mexican Train version allows you to build on your tiles, but also build on the community space and the other players’ tiles. This game is fun with a big group so be sure to include the whole family.

BoggleTM (ages 8 and up) – The object of this word game is to make as many words as you can with adjacent letters shown on a 4×4 tray in three minutes. You get points when you think of words that the others players did not.

Classics like Monopoly®, Sorry® and Life® involve counting, reading and strategy and are always good choices. There’s always the old classics like Checkers and Chess.

If your time is limited, try the card version of these games like Scrabble Slam, Monopoly Deal and don’t forget an all-time favorite card game, Uno®.

Warning: Board games came become addicting. Plus, your children might have so much fun they might not realize they’re learning too.

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