Snow days! What happens?

Snow days!  Kids love them, and to be honest, from time to time we love them too.  It’s so great to have a chance to pause and breathe and see the beauty of a winter day around us.  And who doesn’t love an excuse for an extra cup of coffee?snow days

OK, back to reality.  The first challenge is logistics.  What needs to happen, and when?  What is cancelled?  How do I know?


Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools

snow daysIf the Winston-Salem Forsyth County (WSFC) schools close for the day, we are likely to close as well.  We will make a decision based first and foremost on the safety of your children, our faculty, and you.  If the WSFC schools have a weather-related early release, then A Step Ahead will close that afternoon as well.  For the following days, we will review the roads surrounding the center and make a good common-sense judgement call.

In all cases, we will make and communicate our decision by 12pm noon each day.  We will post our decision to our website, and on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).  In all cases, we ask that you always use your judgement in your specific situation.

We’ll use email, too

In addition to posting any closing decisions to our website and social media, we will also email affected families and faculty directly.  If you have questions or cannot access email or the internet, please contact Bill Tessien at 336.414.3082, or call your private tutor directly.

How about reading on snow days?

Snow days can be great for the kids to sleep in and then play outside.  After the snowball fights, why not set a good example by grabbing a cup of tea (or coffee or cocoa) and reading?  When in doubt about how to help your kids succeed in school and in life, the answer is to read, read, read!snow days



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