Kids Activities at Home: How to Make Your Own Camp

It’s summer! School is out and everyone is enjoying the free time, but after a while your kids may be looking for something to do. It’s hard to keep your family entertained all day, everyday. Why not create camp in your own house? It’s all about fun and maybe a little learning along the way.

Here are some ideas for kids activities at home. Spend a morning, a day or a whole week on your favorites. Most activities only require whatever supplies you already have around your house. You can find resources on your home computer or by making a trip to the library.


  1. Travel Diary – Research a destination. Write about your travel adventure, add photos and include your itinerary and budget.
  2. Slime & Explosions – Make your own goo with Borax, glue and food coloring. Baking soda and vinegar make a great volcano. Fun science experiments can be found at Science Bob.
  3. All About Me – Create a poster with photos, words and stories to describe your life.
  4. Build a Business – Think of an idea and create a plan and a budget to make it happen. Test it out in your neighborhood and maybe even make some money.
  5. Dish It Out – Come up with a theme and create a menu and plan for your own restaurant. Make a few dishes to serve to your family.
  6. Fun with Word Games – Create and play crossword puzzles, word searches, Mad Libs and more.
  7. kids activities at homeCreative Building – See what you can build with household items like cans, boxes and cups. Make the tallest tower you can. See if you can build a house that your pet or stuffed animal will fit into.
  8. Comic Books – Create your characters, drawings and stories to amaze your friends.
  9. News of the Day – Here’s your chance to write about your town, school or whatever is newsworthy to you.
  10. Math Challenge – Take a crack at puzzling problems and come up with some of your own. You can find Sudoku, Ken Ken and other fun puzzles online or in books.
  11. Crazy Facts Book – Find information that other people may not know, like how many states start with the letter A or where you find the world’s smallest mammal.
  12. Plan a Party – Choose a theme, create a guest list, plan your budget, and design your invitations. Your friends, family members or pets are sure to have a great time!
  13. Cookies Galore – Find recipes online or in cookbooks and try any cookies that look good. You’ll have fun measuring, mixing and, of course, tasting!
  14. Spa Day – Treat your family to a day of luxury in your own home complete with massages, manicures and pedicures and cucumbers on your eyelids.
  15. Amazing Race – Leave clues from place to place in your house and see if your family members can make it to the end. Challenges can be given along the way, like doing jumping jacks or eating gummy worms.
  16. Videos – Create your own videos. Anything from funny skits to astounding sports feats. There’s even an app, Rewind Camera, that will show your videos backwards.
  17. Zumba or Yoga – Get moving with either of these fun activities. You can find DVDs at the library or look online. Zumba is upbeat dancing and yoga builds flexibility and strength. Both forms of fitness are good for beginners and experts alike.
  18. Backyard Campout – Pitch a tent and add sleeping bags. Your night will be complete with bedtime stories, flashlight tag, and s’mores.
  19. Movies in Action – Create art projects, act out favorite scenes and enjoy any food from your favorite movie.
  20. Photography – Use your phone to experiment with photography. Try taking pictures up close and see if others can guess the object. Create an album of different photos of the same subject.


So, try these fun kids activities at home and let us know what your children like best!

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