Winter solstice reading! We love this idea

Winter solstice reading?  Winter solstice reading!

The idea

winter solstice readingSome years ago, we happened on a short blurb about a family that wanted to take a quiet breather in the crazy chaos of the days leading up to September 25.  The parents came up with a fun way to take a time out for an evening during the holiday rush.

They chose winter solstice, the longest night (and shortest day) of the year.  In 2017, we will celebrate winter solstice in the northern hemisphere on Thursday, December 21. This family made the night a true celebration of winter with three key ingredients:  a cozy quiet night by the fire, hot chocolate, and winter-focused gifts for each of them.winter solstice reading

More gifts?  Two gifts, specifically.  Each child, and each parent too, received a new pair of pajamas and a book to read.  They opened their gifts, put on their new pjs, broke open the new books, and read by the fire, sipping hot chocolate.

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Winter solstice reading with the Tessiens

We loved it.  But we needed to make a few tweaks so it would work for our family.  We do have the roaring fire, weather permitting, and the kids drink hot chocolate.  (We parents reserve the right to choose our beverage to fit the day.)  New pajamas didn’t excite anyone, but new books did.

winter solstice readingWe have done a few different things with the books over the years.  Some years, we give books relating to destinations in our travel plans.  Some years, we give books based on hobbies or interests.  Interestingly to us parents, the boys strongly prefer physical books over e-books.

This year, we are traveling to visit with family, and so our bags are packed with snow gear and, of course, with the books.

2017 selections

We’re publishing this post a few days before we will give the books to our family.  Not worried, as the young ones aren’t on this type of website or social media.  We believe they will be surprised, regardless of this posting!

You can see our selections throughout this blog post, and guess which book belongs to which person!  Happy winter solstice reading!

winter solstice reading

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