Free Online Study Tools to Seriously Help with Homework

Here are some great online study tools to help with homework – whether it’s studying for a quiz, learning a concept, practicing math or keeping track of assignments – these free resources will make your student’s life easier:

Quizlet – This online tool or app is a great way to create flashcards and then students can test themselves on the materials in a variety of ways including matching, multiple choice, true or false or scatter games. If your child likes computer games and electronic learning, this tool maybe a big help with studying for tests.

online study toolsKhan Academy – This educational resource created by educator Salman Khan provides “a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.”  Its website features thousands of educational resources, including a personalized learning dashboard, over 100,000 practice challenges, and over 6,000 micro lectures. If your high school student still needs help figuring out a math concept, have him or her check out this tool. – This website features fun and educational math games for grades 2-9 to engage students and increase interest in math. It boasts over 100 math games for all levels.

Study Guide and Strategies – This site offers nine areas of academic tools, advice and resources with dozens of links in each area (it is also provided in 39 languages!). If you find yourself looking to support your child’s work at home, consider this excellent resource for a variety of ideas.

Trackclass – The site allows students to track their classes and assignments, and even will send reminders (email or SMS) for upcoming assignment due dates and test dates. There is also a note taking utility so students can take notes on it if they have a computer in school.

Dweeber – This homework collaboration site has tools to help students learn better. It is described as a homework social network. Students sign up, for free, and can add their friends, known as “dweebs” to their network. Students can work on homework together and help each other out.

Find apps that work for you. Here’s a best apps guide.

What online study tools do you find help with homework? Let us know.

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    brian Reply

    Also try for tips on studying

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