Homework Help: Four Terrific Secrets from Our Faculty

No matter what grade your child is in at school, he or she probably does not look forward to homework. After a full day of school, followed by activities, it understandable why homework can become a chore. Here are four strategies for “homework help” any student (or parent) can use:

1. Let your children do the work – My best homework tip for parents is to really allow your child to figure out on his or her own how to complete the assignment. If your child is truly stuck, the best thing to do is to become a good “homework detective.” Ask your child to show you the written assignment and ask questions that might help guide him or her rather than simply providing answers.

From Martha Mendenhall, a tutor at A Step Ahead Academic Center. Martha specializes in English, Writing, History, and Literacy. When she was growing up, she wanted to be a jockey.

cookies2. Get a study buddy (not necessarily a friend) – Exchange contact info with someone in your class so that if you ever forget to write down an assignment or miss notes, you have someone to email or text, and you have someone to review with before exams. 

3. Use a timer – Homework can be boring. Set a timer and set aside 30-45 minutes to do your best work with no interruptions. After that, reset your timer and take a 15-20 minute break, or switch assignments.

Two and three from Angela Anderson, a tutor at A Step Ahead Academic Center. Angela specializes in Algebra I and II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus I and II, SAT Preparation, and Writing. She especially loves literature and math.

4. Eat cookies – When studying for tests, think about eating cookies, instead of eating an entire cake. How do you eat cookies? One at a time. How do you eat an entire cake? You dig in and keep going until you’re done. What does that have to do with studying? Your brain is amazing, but it wants a little bit of food at a time, and then it needs a break. Study a little (eat a cookie), then take a break and do something else (shoot some hoops or go for a run), and come back and study some more (eat another cookie). Don’t do it all at once. Cramming for tests just doesn’t work.

From Cynthia Tessien, Executive Director at A Step Ahead Academic Center. In addition to her role at A Step Ahead, Cynthia is a Professor of Practice at Wake Forest University’s School of Business and mother to two boys. When she was young she wanted to be a piano-playing rock star like Billy Joel or Elton John.

If your child could use some homework help from a professional, we can help. Many of our students use their time with tutors to understand and complete homework and form good study and organizational habits. Our goal is to help your child become a confident and successful student.

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