Dyslexia and working with a private tutor to help your child grow

Dyslexia is not something your child outgrows.  It is a lifelong condition. You can find resources and support to help your child succeed in every aspect of school and life, including reading.

dyslexia tutor Maria Elliott

Private tutor Maria Elliott

Private tutor Maria Elliott is among the talented faculty at A Step Ahead who specialize in working with children who have learning differences, including dyslexia.

Just last weekend, Maria attended the South Carolina chapter meeting of the International Dyslexia Organization.

The national organization has many helpful resources for parents. Check them out here!

Learning by Listening

To help your child, Maria recommends using audiobooks your child can “ear read”.  You can find these audiobooks on LearningAlly.org.  You can use iPads, iPhones, PCs or other devices so your child can read along while they listen to their story.

Additional Resources for Parents

Maria also recommends Life Success for Children with LD:  A Parent’s Guide, from the Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation.

Resources for Children with Dyslexia

For high school students (and adults) with learning differences, check out thecodpast.org.

On YouTube, Maria recommends the video, Because I’m Dyslexic-DyslexicAdvantage.

Private Tutors Can Help

private tutor

Private tutor Connie Adams-Jones

Maria and the talented faculty at A Step Ahead have certifications and training in working with children who have learning differences, including dyslexia.  Whatever your child’s age, private tutors can help your child gain skills and confidence in reading.

At A Step Ahead, we believe that every student has the ability to learn and feel successful. Working with a private tutor allows your child to receive a level of individual attention that is difficult in today’s large classrooms.

Working as a team with the parents, teachers, and students, we meet the academic needs of the child. Tutoring can help raise your child’s self-esteem as he or she begins to experience success.

Although providing remediation is a vital part of tutoring, we also believe in pre-teaching material. When a new concept is introduced in the classroom, your child will be confident, knowing that he or she has already seen the new material.

We would love to talk with you about your child and how we can help them grow in skills and confidence.  Contact us today!

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