Winner! Great American Read

Winner! Great American Read.

winner Great American ReadLast summer, PBS introduced a public process of voting for America’s favorite novel. The first step was selecting the 100 novels eligible for votes. You can find out more about that process here. But who is the winner of the Great American read?


Cynthia’s prediction doesn’t win


Cynthia’s guess for the winner was the Harry Potter series. Though Cynthia loves the books, she voted for The Count of Monte Cristo, due to its impact on her when she read it as a teen. Cynthia believed the enormous popularity of J.K. Rowling’s beloved series would carry the day.


Cynthia counts herself among the ardent fans of the series. Every time one of the Harry Potter series books came out, Cynthia was in line at the store right there with the kids, buying the book and staying up all night to read it. Ignoring everyone around her.


But the winner of the Great American Read is


America voted as their favorite novel Harper Lee’s story of race and childhood and the American South. Yes, Cynthia’s mom’s favorite book won the top award: To Kill a Mockingbird is America’s favorite novel.


The Harry Potter series came in second.


That seems just fine to us. We liked that J.K.Rowling insisted on using British actors in the film adaptation of her book. We also like that Americans voted as their favorite novel a book about America, written by an American.



You can see America’s favorite novels, in order of votes received, here. Cynthia has read nine of the top ten novels, missing only the Outlander series. That will be next up on her list, after she finishes her current read, Gary Shteyngart’s adult novel Lake Success, published last month.winner great american read


Let’s keep reading. Our children learn more by watching us than by listening to what we say. Let’s teach them to love reading by setting a great example and loving to read, loving stories, loving Great American novels.

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