Common Core Math Vocabulary

In order for students to be successful in math, they need to be able to speak the language of math. Click below for a comprehensive list of math terms for grades K-12.

Reading Prompts

Summer break is rapidly approaching! While the summer months can provide much-needed down time for children and parents, there are literacy activities you can do at home to help your children retain material and continue to progress.

First, children should be reading every day. Let them choose high interest books, and make weekly trips to the library to make new selections. Set aside 20-30 minutes each day for silent reading, and make it part of the daily routine.

It’s also recommended that parents spend time reading aloud to their children. Reading aloud gives parents the opportunity to model the characteristics of a strong reader and allows for meaningful discussion about the book. Consider reading chapter books from a series, and set a goal to read the series throughout the summer. Listening to audio books while traveling is also a fun way to explore books together.

Click below for a list of reading prompts you can use while reading with your child.

Writing: Story Starters

Encourage your child to write at home by using story starters! Let your child choose a special journal for this activity. Print the story starters and cut them into strips. Fold each writing prompt in half and place in a jar or basket, and ask your child to select a story starter.

Upper elementary and middle school students can likely brainstorm and write creative pieces. Younger children can dictate their stories to you and then draw illustrations to accompany their stories.

This writing time should be creative, fun, and relaxing! Emphasis is placed on being able to share a cohesive story through written expression. It is perfectly acceptable for young children to use invented spelling. If your child is resistant to writing, create a game to complete the activity. Write the opening line and let them contine the story. Pass the journal back and forth and continue to add to the story. Emphasize the importance of sharing thoughts in a cohesive, sequential manner rather than focusing on perfect grammar and spelling.

Enjoy this writing time with your child!

"We are absolutely thrilled with A Step Ahead! Our daughter has been a student for almost two years and is currently making straight A's in school. You make learning fun and enjoyable while at the same time teaching valuable skills in a special way that our daughter can understand and apply at school. You always communicate with the parents and teachers to cover any areas of concern! Not only have we seen her grades improve, but her confidence and attitude have improved as well."
Parents of a Second Grade student at Friedberg Elementary