5 Mistakes You Are Making to Prevent School Success

Parents, we know you want the best for your children. We know you want them to do their best in school. Guess what? If you’re making these mistakes you could be preventing your children from reaching their full potential this school year. Find out if you’re making these unintended mistakes and how to help children be successful in school:

1. Not having a routine

Most experts agree that it’s important to stick with a routine. Structured time keeps kids organized and on track. So make sure your child knows what he is responsible for and what time he should do tasks every day – like getting ready for school in the morning, doing homework in the afternoon and getting his backpack ready for the next day at night. Going to bed and getting up at the same time every day is essential too. The routine will help them keep up with school work and be prepared.

2. Not encouraging active learning

how to help children be successful in schoolWhile most parents know it’s important for their children to read and do homework, they may not think enough about active learning. Asking and answering questions, solving problems and exploring interests all lead to active learning. The idea is that children can learn when they’re playing sports, spending time with friends, acting in a play, visiting museums or practicing a musical instrument. If your child shows an interest in something, do what you can to make it happen. You might be surprised that your child’s participation and interest in school increase due to active learning.

3. Not enforcing healthy habits

You may not think that what your child eats will affect her grades, but healthy habits can play a key role in school success. Whether it’s getting enough sleep, eating a healthy breakfast or taking time to play and exercise, it’s important to develop good habits. Children that live a healthy life style will be more prepared and will do better in school. Of course, limiting screen time is important too!

4. Not demonstrating a good attitude about learning/education

No parent means to speak negatively of a teacher or make their child think that education is not important. However, everything we say and do helps children develop positive attitudes towards school and confidence towards learning. By showing children that you value education – like spending time reading together – you’re modeling behavior that leads to school success. When you show interest in their education and what they are learning, they will understand that learning can be enjoyable and rewarding.

5. Not spending enough time reading

Many children may not want to read beyond what’s required of them in school, but students who read independently and for pleasure perform better in school. They score higher on achievement tests and have increased reading comprehension. They also do better on vocabulary, spelling and grammar. A bonus is a better knowledge of the world. So, sit down with your child and read a little every day. Read out loud to each other. Choose topics that will interest your child and above all have fun. It will help your child immensely in school and beyond.

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So now you know how to help children be successful in school – and avoid making these mistakes!

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