The Important Benefits of Being Organized for School

Not everyone is a neat-freak. In general, this isn’t a bad thing. There are, however, some downsides for children who tend to have trouble organizing. In many cases, disorganization leads to lower grades, completing fewer assignments, frustration, and lower self-esteem. These negatives may further contribute to other student issues such as truancy and discipline. Although disorganized students are capable of experiencing many successes in school, there is the potential for their struggles to have a profound negative impact on their future.

benefits of being organized for school


Teaching Kids to Organize is Important

The ultimate goal of education from kindergarten through high school is to prepare students for the real world. Reinforcing the importance of organization helps students experience success throughout their lives. Thankfully, organization is not a trait you inherit. It is something you learn. Read on for tips that provide help for disorganized children.


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How to Get Kids Organized

#1 Use Checklists
Create checklists to post homework assignments, household chores, and reminders about what materials to bring to class.


#2 Organize Homework Assignments
Before beginning a homework session, encourage your child to prioritize her assignments. Start with one that’s not too long or difficult.


#3 Designate a Study Space
Find a quiet place with few distractions. Studying in the same place is good, but, changing locations occasionally is beneficial, too. It’s a good idea to have all school supplies and materials nearby.


#4 Set a Consistent Study Time
Set aside a consistent time each day for studying and doing homework. Ideally, this time should not be right after school. Allow about an hour of free time, then studying can begin.


#5 Keep Organized Notebooks
Help your child keep track of papers by organizing them in a binder or notebook. Use dividers to separate his various classes and folders to store classwork.


#6 Conduct a Weekly Cleanup
Put a weekly cleanup session on your calendar. Encourage your child to sort through book bags and notebooks and discard unneeded items.


#7 Prepare for the Next Day
Prior to bedtime, place all schoolwork and books into a backpack so they are ready to go the next morning. It’s also a good idea to lay out the next day’s clothes.


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