Welcome back faculty! Meet our team

Welcome back faculty! Meet our team


We are thrilled to start the new school year with the most wonderful faculty in the Triad!

Angela Anderson returns to continue her inspiring work with our middle school and upper school students. She teaches all core subject areas.

“When I was younger, if you told me I would end up working with teenagers teaching math, I wouldn’t have believed you, but it is an amazing experience and I love it!”

Though she works at A Step Ahead year round, she is busy in the garden when she’s not at the center. Check out her summer picture with a huge sunflower!


Angela Anderson in her garden with her enormous sunflower!

Kelly Sassin also returns to work with upper school students, primarily in math and sciences and SAT/ACT test preparation. She also teaches at Forsyth Technical Community College, so you’ll see her running in after class to meet with your students!

For students of all ages, from elementary through high school, Martha Mendenhall is an inspiring guide. Martha’s passion for literature and writing rubs off on everyone who works with her! 

New to our faculty over the summer, Joel Eisenhofer returns for the fall to work with our high school students in SAT/ACT test preparation, biology, chemistry, physics, psychology and most areas of mathematics, including statistics.  You can read more about Joel here.


What about younger students?


Never fear, our faculty team extends to support students beginning in pre-kindergarten!  Our beloved tutor Debbie Crater joins us again this year, helping young students with learning to read. Maria Elliott works with students who benefit from targeted multi-sensory instruction methods. 


Mary Kushner at Madurodam Miniature Park in the Netherlands

For students in older elementary grades, Mary Kushner lends a supportive hand. She is focusing on new math concepts and test preparation (Math & Language Arts) for grades 3-6. Over the summer, Mary enjoyed being with family at her daughter’s graduation from Meredith College, and vacationed in the Netherlands. Check out this picture of Mary at Madurodam Miniature Park in the Netherlands!

Welcome back faculty! We are so happy to work with you this year.

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