Reasons Why Teachers Deserve Thanks

As parents, we are far removed from our elementary school days, but many of us have one favorite teacher we’ve never forgotten.

Here at A Step Ahead Academic Center we have the luxury of working one-on-one with our students. Our students travel to our center in Clemmons from four counties, thus allowing us the opportunity to partner with many public and private school teachers in the community. These hard-working educators go the extra mile, not for recognition, but to make a difference for their students. We would like to share this letter with all the teachers who are undertaking an important role in the lives of children and help us remember why teachers deserve thanks.

Dear Teachers,

teachers deserve thanksThank you for making a difference in the lives of your students. It may be years before you know you even mattered in the life of a child, but what you choose to do in your classroom each day impacts the lives of children.

Thank you for wearing so many hats. Every day you may be counselor, playground referee, nurse and mediator, in addition to educator, curriculum specialist and lesson facilitator.

Thank you for your ability to move beyond merely teaching the content in order to teach children. Teaching is an art, not a science. Each day you must determine how to make the content meaningful and reach all students with diverse learning styles and a myriad of learning differences.

Thank you for the many hours you put in outside of the school day to make sure you’re prepared for your students. While some may believe a teacher’s day ends at 3:30, teachers put in countless hours after school and on weekends to grade papers, create meaningful lessons and prepare materials.

Thank you for taking on the awesome responsibility of leading the students in your classroom. In these days of budget cuts, test pressures, increase in class sizes, and the general need to “do more with less,” you are prepared to guide your students through a meaningful and productive school year.

Thank you for all you do that may go unnoticed. Sometimes all the small day-to-day things you do may go unrecognized, but they add up to make a difference for your students.


Parents, your partnership with your child’s teacher is vitally important, as no one knows your child as well as you. So, how can you support your child’s teacher?

Maintain an open line of communication, and be receptive to feedback about your child’s progress. Consider your relationship with your child’s teacher as a partnership in educating your child.

Don’t wait until teacher appreciation week to say thank you. If you notice the teacher making a positive impact on your child’s school experience, say, “Thank you,” and be specific about what you observed.

Volunteer in the classroom. Teachers are very grateful when parents share their time and talents to enrich their classrooms.

Write a note of encouragement or thanks. Many teachers keep a file of all the encouraging notes received from parents and students, and they reread those notes during challenging times.

Work with your child at home. Create a homework routine, and limit screen time. Read to your child every night.

Make education a priority in your home. Even when we think they may not be watching, children look to the adults in their lives to determine what is important. Studies show that successful students tend to have parents who support and encourage them.

Why do you think teachers deserve thanks? Please comment below.

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