How Tutoring Helps: Gain Perspective from a Real Family

If you’re a parent, you’ve had concerns about your child. Every child has his or her own challenges and as parents we want to make everything better. If you see your child is struggling in school, you might be reluctant to get tutoring help. You may not know who to ask or where to go.

Don’t struggle alone. We’re here to help your child become a confident learner in any subject. We’ve been honored to partner with many families for years.

Here’s one family’s story of why their children needed tutoring and why they chose to work with us:

From a Parent of rising 8th Graders at Meadowlark Middle:

“My twin boys have been coming to A Step Ahead Academic Center for about five years. We looked, interviewed and tried different tutoring options, but until we started here we weren’t completely satisfied.

tutoringThey struggled with reading and writing from the very beginning. We even repeated second grade to give them time to developmentally catch up. But it wasn’t until we began tutoring with A Step Ahead that we finally started seeing the slow progress. We worked as a team to help increase their confidence. Because they had struggled for so long, they didn’t believe that they were smart enough to even succeed.

The boys were born 10 weeks prematurely, stayed almost two months in the NICU, came home with oxygen and monitors for six months, and had years of physical and speech therapy. So we were not new to challenges. However, I can honestly say that our school struggles were more challenging and confusing than anything we had battled.

When we joined A Step Ahead, we finally felt like we had a partner and some guidance in navigating this crazy school ride. Our boys very quickly could tell that our tutors really cared about making them confident and successful.

They just finished the seventh grade and are A and B students. We still need support with some reading and writing is still a major challenge for them, but they are becoming much more independent and are able to do most of their homework on their own!”

From the tutor of one of the boys:

“I’m thrilled with his improvements in reading. He has become much more confident about reading aloud and is willing to tackle tougher passages with unfamiliar words. He’s become more critical of the text when he reads, and sometimes stops to point out examples of figurative language while reading. I’m happy to see him learning to dig deeper into novels and understand what he’s reading on multiple levels.”

Share your thoughts and comments about this real story below. If you’d like to learn how tutoring can help your child, please contact us today.

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