A private tutor can help your child succeed.

Children have been in school for a few months now, and families are settling into fall routines. Early sports seasons are ending. First quarter progress reports are out. The holidays are just around the corner. How is your child doing in school? Could a private tutor help your child succeed?

What is success, anyway?private tutor

At A Step Ahead, we work hard to help your student build confidence and curiosity in learning. We treasure students of all abilities and interests.  We help gifted students move beyond classroom materials, and we help struggling students gain skills and confidence.

With a private tutor, your child has a caring, experienced adult who will nurture and guide them along the way, step by step, day by day.  Our private tutors have different specialties and interests, and we will listen to your needs and your dreams for your child, finding and matching the right private tutor for you.

Your child will see improved test scores and grades as they grow in their skills and knowledge.  And we cherish those gains and celebrate them with your child and with you.

private tutorBut equally important to us – perhaps even more important to us – is that your child gains confidence in their skills, and curiosity about learning more.

When your child raises their hand in class to ask a question, or seeks a teacher’s time after school, we cherish and celebrate those milestones too.

We want your child to be a confident, curious, life-long learner.


A private tutor should be caring and supportive


private tutor

Take a look at the experienced educators working at A Step Ahead.  We serve students from pre-kindergarten through high school in all core subject areas.

Our private tutors work with early readers using multi-sensory approaches to language.  They work with middle grades students in math, reading comprehension and writing.  And our faculty love to work with high school students tackling geometry and chemistry.  Last but not least, our private tutors help teens prepare for ACT and SAT standardized tests.  Ready for college?

But beyond the experience in education and core subject areas, our private tutors have something more important.

They have real commitment to the children they teach, and real caring for them as well, not only as students, but also as individuals.  private tutorYou can feel it in our building.  You can see it on their faces when your children enter the room.


When the time is right, contact us

If you want to talk about your child and their situation in school, contact us.  We’re here to listen and help you think through your child’s situation, your family’s needs, and resources available to help.  Perhaps a private tutor is the right next step for you.  If so, we’ll match you with an experienced, caring educator who will be a resource for your child, and a resource for you. If a different step is right for you, we’ll help with that too.  Our goal is for every child to be a confident, curious, life-long learner.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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