Private tutoring: ten things you should know

Private tutoring.  Have you thought about it but just not picked up the phone to learn more?


private tutoringIt’s a new year!  Give your child new chances to build good study habits and succeed in school.

With the start of a new year comes the opportunity to make a fresh start in school.

Private tutoring can mean the difference between ongoing struggles for your child, or the path to success.

To help you consider your child’s situation, here are ten key things about private tutoring at A Step Ahead:


  1. Every student has the ability to learn and be successful. Many students feel anxious and frustrated when they first come to us. They often feel like they can’t succeed. But we know that they can and it’s our job to show them how.
  2. Working one-on-one gives children special attention. Individual private tutoring allows students to receive a level of attention that’s difficult to obtain in today’s large classrooms. It’s wonderful to see the progress students can gain with individual help.
  3. There’s power in a team. When private tutors, parents and teachers work together to meet the academic needs of the child, it makes all the difference in overcoming challenges and creating a path to success.
  4. It’s all about confidence. Often a child’s low academic performance can be attributed to a lack of confidence and fear of failure. Private tutoring helps raise children’s self-esteem as the student begins to experience success. By focusing on building confidence and competence, we’ve seen remarkable changes in attitude and effort.
  5. Pre-teaching helps students stay ahead. Although providing remediation is a vital part of private tutoring, pre-teaching content material is also very helpful to many students. When a new concept is introduced in the classroom, our students have the confidence in knowing that they have already seen the new material.
  6. Every child is different. And every child’s full potential looks different. That’s why a customized approach to learning is so important. It’s exciting to figure out and key into what works for each individual student.
  7. Working with the same tutor is important. Many of our private tutors have been at the center over five years. Many have had relationships with their students for several years. That consistency is so beneficial to learning, building confidence and assuring overall success.
  8. Creating lifelong learners is key. We love to see students enjoy learning. Our goal is help them appreciate what they’re learning rather than just preparing for the next test. When they’re inspired, see information in a way that’s meaningful to them and really understand what they’re learning, there’s nothing students can’t master.
  9. Words are powerful. We know that the way children are spoken to can become their inner voice. And what they hear or may be telling themselves can be untrue and unfair. It’s wonderful to see a child start behaving differently once they believe they are capable.
  10. Learning should be fun! By working one-on-one in a warm and comfortable environment, our private tutors have the chance to teach outside the box and get students excited about learning. When we make it fun and exciting, our students pick up on our enthusiasm and want to learn even more.


Interested in learning more?private tutoring

If you want to learn more about private tutoring and helping your child gain confidence and skills, contact us today for a free consultation. We would love to hear your story and help you think about options that work for you. We look forward to hearing from you!



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